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Tariff One, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!!! - On all bookings by Phone, Online or via our App. (Please note: We charge more on Xmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.)

High Town Taxis are based in Hereford, England. We are located right in the centre of the City - We are open for business 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

A caring Co-operative; servicing the community, we have been established in the Hereford for over 35 years.

Our services include: school runs, social service work, days out, shopping trips, regular fares, courier work and airport transfers.

All contract work, days out and airport transfers are are done based on fixed pricing.
our prices are very competitive - You'll be hard pushed to find a more reliable service anywhere else.

What's on Offer?

Equipment: we always strive to provide the best service possible. Our office is equipped with the very latest computerised booking and dispatch system to insure all jobs are handled quickly and efficiently.

The little extras: We also have a few neat extras that make booking a taxi very easy and also prevent you from having to stand around for too long - not good when it's -5C...

Ringback: this is a very simple, yet brilliant idea we adopted many years ago. When you book a taxi you can ask for ringback to be added to the booking. This activates an automated service that calls the phone when the taxi reaches the pickup point - No more waiting around on wet, cold, dark nights! Your phone will ring two times and stop so you don't need to answer it. The ringback number that appears on your phone is: 01432 355336 - the best thing to do is store the number in your phone as "Taxi waiting".

Virtual receptionist: Our latest and greatest addition! You can ask to have both your land line and mobile phones registered to work with this feature. Once registered any booking can be done automatically by you! You will be greeted by our friendly virtual person who will ask if you would like to book a taxi from wherever you are calling from, all you have to do is simply press one on your phone and that's it! If you don't want to use automated booking, simply press zero and you will be redirected to the real members of staff.

Vehicles: We have a variety of different vehicles from salon cars, estate cars, seven seater's and wheelchair accessible (eight seater available on request).

A guide to safe travel by taxi

Find a company: with a good reputation that you can trust and keep to the one company whenever possible. This not only helps to build up a relationship but it is a safeguard against many common occurrences.

 Lost Property:  Our office is called on a daily basis by random members of the public with regards to lost property that they have left in taxis. Unfortunately a high percentage of people will not remember or know who they have travelled with so they are unlikely to be able trace their goods. Keep to one company and the problem is instantly solved.

Insufficient Funds: Every now and then customers will find that they are short of money, this is especially relevant for lone females who might have overspent on a night out or been let down or even left behind at the end of an evening and the only option left to them is to walk home alone. If the person, male or female, is a known regular customer we would get them home and allow for a later payment as an emergency measure at no extra charge.  Our computer despatch system will instantly verify if the person calling has used our services before.

CCTV: A high percentage of our cars have CCTV’s fitted and shortly we will have 100% of our fleet fitted with CCTV’s. This is not just for the safety of the driver but just as importantly it is also for the safety of the passengers.  This should allow for a greater peace of mind for parents who send children unaccompanied as well as for lone females. All taxi drivers have to be CRB checked but we believe that CCTV in all of our taxis will be an extra strong safeguard and will prove popular with the law abiding members of the public. Parents will no longer have to worry about their teenage daughters being left on their own in a taxi especially at the end of a night out when they are not always compos mentis (that’s the passenger not the driver)
We have a ring back system that is an added bonus and can be used as an extra safety measure as well as for convenience. No need to leave the safety and comfort of your seat whether you’re at home, in a restaurant, public house or indeed any venue. Your phone will ring twice to alert you that your taxi is about to arrive. The number calling you will be 01432 355336 and it is a good idea to program it into your phone under the heading of ‘taxi waiting’.

Identify your Taxi: All of our taxis are highly visible with our logos on front, back and sides of the vehicles this should eliminate confusion, which could lead to a customer getting in to the wrong taxi - Or worse still, getting into an unlicensed rogue vehicle posing as a taxi.

The test of Time: Taxi companies come and go, but High Town Taxis have been in existence for over 30 years and we continue to grow because of strong customer loyalty. The High Town Taxi Group is made up of a cooperative of local owners and we would hope that your experience of using High Town Taxis will always be a good one but should you have cause to complain or query any part of our service please do not hesitate to do so, because we would always welcome the chance of correcting any mistake rather than lose a customer.

Yours sincerely,

John Jones

Chairman of the High Town Taxi Group



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